How I work - CRM

How I work – CRM

Since I started I have tried a number of techniques to manage opportunities and customer information. While I have used a number of larger CRMs they would be a bit overkill for what I need!

So what can I use for a business of my size that is within my budget? Well there are a few and I quite liked most of them for different reasons but the one I am currently using is insightly.

Why did I settle for insightly? There were three main features that really drew me into it:

  • Google Apps Integration (Including Email)
  • Xero Integration (My Accounting Package)
  • Mobile App

Having all of these has cut down the time it takes to record information and store emails plus it is great to know that pretty much all the information I have stored is also on my mobile when I am out and about so I can stay on top of everything. Because I do a lot on my phone when I am out and about I really love the feature that it syncs to my calendar and then I can click on the map in the calendar item and that launches my GPS which I use to get around!

Other systems have this feature also but for the size that I am this has just the right amount of features I need.

Another great tool that I investigated was PipeDrive. That does sales CRM really well and that is all it does and you can tell they have really put the effort to make it a great tool. It isn’t suited to my needs as this moment but I can see great uses for it in other organisations.