Bulk Photo Resize

Uploading Bulk Photos

Ever try to upload a heap of photos straight from your camera to a website only for it to take forever? Well there are ways to reduce the size of a photo that will make it quicker to upload so you can go back to surfing the net.

Why are photos so big anyway?

First lets look at why photos are so large, people often want more and the sales pitch of most camera and smart phones is how many megapixels it has. We often think the more the better but this isn’t always true particularly for those that never print photos and just stick them on social media.

Pixels are the little coloured dots that you can barley see and the more pixels there are the more you can cram into a small space and this is where DPI or Dots Per Inch comes in. On a normal screen the default setting is 72 DPI which means 72 pixels per square inch, when you print out a document on a laser printer it normally prints out 300 DPI. It is because when you print out a photo that is when you need the more megapixels whereas the screen doesn’t need as many. Apple’s retina display is a way to increase the standard from 72 DPI to higher levels.

To put some numbers behind it a normal 6in x 4in photo that you would normally get when you print out your photos uses 1800px wide by 1200px high. A 10 Megapixel camera will take photos at 3648px wide by 2766 high which is just over double a printed 6 x 4 photo. This would be overkill if you are just uploading it to social media.

With the amount of space there is on these devices I don’t recommend changing the settings so it takes smaller photos because one day you might want to get them printed and storage is pretty cheap. But if you are just bulk uploading then there are ways to shrink them before they go up. Note: If you are uploading photos straight from your smartphone you don’t need to worry about this as the smartphone will shrink the photos for you before it tries to upload it.

Bulk Shrinking

The tool I use is called IrfanView and while it might look the prettiest it does the job well and has some more advanced features.

After I open the program I follow the following steps:

  • Find the location of the all the files I want to resize
  • Create a New Folder in that location called Shrunk
  • Go back to IrfanView and Click on File -> Batch Conversion / Rename
  • Browse to the location of where the photos are
  • Select the Photos and click Add
  • Under Output Directory I click on Browse and find the Shrunk Folder (This is where the smaller photos will end up)
  • Click on Advanced (see below for a screenshot of the settings)
  • Put the Check in Resize -> Set new size -> Set long side to: 1280 pixels
  • Ensure that the following are on:
    • Preserve aspect ration
    • Use Resample function
    • Don’t enlarge smaller images
  • Click on Ok
  • Click on Start Batch


This will now resize your images and if you go to the Shrunk folder you will see a copy of all the photos but now they are smaller and can be uploaded quicker!