AdWords Update

Where did all the Ads go?

There have been some recent changes to the way Google AdWords displays adverts which can effect some advertises.

Key Changes:

  • Text ads down the right hand side have been removed
  • Additional Text ad has been added to the top results
  • Organic rankings have been pushed down further giving ads more prominent place
  • Right hand side still used for shopping results

More time is needed to see the real world effects of these changes but many have put this down to a strategy to boost the revenue of Google however history has shown that the top 3 ads were always the most popular.

What Web Sage has seen is some industries that rely on the side ads more the most growth are the ones that are hit the hardest. There is now an even larger push for ads to be displayed in the top 4 results which can be out of reach for some advertises in highly competitive and low margins industries. However everyone is in the same boat and Google does share the load around so there is also the potential for better results for some companies.

Those who are always in the top 4 results before the change haven’t really seen a change. The interesting change will be how this effect organic listings and if this push will increase traffic to the paid listings. Time will tell on this front.

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