One of the most vital things to do when creating a brand is making sure that your communication is smooth. The way to do this is to get to know your brand and the target market, find out what they expect and what you intend to reap from it. This is important because your brand is more than just a logo; your brand is an experience.

When creating your brand it is important to have a set of rules that help to standardise the branding work, and regulate advertisers and other professionals who are going to interact with your brand. These guidelines usually outline the rules of how to use the logo of the brand, what colours to use, and what fonts to use when writing among other things.

Some of these things may seem small and petty but they are important to the image of your brand as they help to paint the picture of who you are and what values you want to portray. If these are not standardised across all platforms then you risk leaving your customer base confused.

Treatment Guidelines

The branding guidelines provided by Web Sage have a wealth of information on the different logotypes that should be used in different situations, such as if the medium you are displaying them on.

A full detailed description of the colours to be used is also very important, as every brand has a unique colour scheme that needs to be adhered to if the brand is to be instantly recognisable. Additionally the fonts that can be used and when to be used are also described in detail to ensure uniformity.

Brand Imagery and Tone

Included are items such as imagery types that will be permitted, though these are not so exact so as to allow for a bit of evolution in the design. This includes the type of photography and images that are to be associated with your brand.

One of the most important things when it comes to your brand is the tone. The tone of your brand dramatically affects written mediums. Which is why it is so crucial to set the right tone from your brand from the start.

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