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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Conversion Rate Optimisation Explained

    Unless you are experienced in the world of digital marketing, you may be asking yourself, what in the world is Conversion Rate Optimisation? What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing not only the number of visitors to a website, but increasing conversions within a…

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  • Bulk Photo Resize

    Uploading Bulk Photos

    Ever try to upload a heap of photos straight from your camera to a website only for it to take forever? Well there are ways to reduce the size of a photo that will make it quicker to upload so you can go back to surfing the net.

    Why are photos so big anyway?

    First lets look at why photos are so large, people often want more and the sales pitch of most camera and smart phones is how many megapixels it has. We often think the more the better but this isn’t always true particularly for those that never print photos and just stick them on social media.

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